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Keeper is shareware, free to use for 30 days. Registration allows you to add more than 25 pages to Keeper's notebook.

Registration also gives you a free registration to Visual Desk too!

Registration costs $29.99 (US) and includes 1 year free technical support. It allows you to use Keeper on two desktop computers.

Purchase using PayPal.

Looking for alternative payment methods? Other Questions? E-mail us

Keeper 8.0
  • create Visual note pages, all the functionality of Visual Desk available on any page.
  • improved link handling, now easily find file links once the files have moved
  • Timeline functionality expanded... more hot keys, more ways to access timeline entries
  • Edit Visual Desk captions "inline"... make using visual notes even faster!

    Please note Keeper's price increased to $29.99 (US) once Keeper 8.0 was released. If you are a previous owner you qualify for a free upgrade to 8.0.