Keeper is a tool for organizing ideas, writing submissions, markets, brainstorming, image maps and much more. Advanced search features ensure that your ideas all remain readily accessible. It is a high-powered notebook.

The basic principle is that Keeper allows users to create Pages. These pages are organized by sections, within notebooks. To make it easier to find pages at a later time users can also mark their pages with keywords.

Powerful organizational tool

Keeper's ease of use and powerful organizational capacities make it useful for many purposes:

  • Writers - use the submission tracker to know to which markets you have submitted your writing
    • Build worlds: Use the world-building tools to creature cultures, maps, and religions
    • Never Forget : Keep all your ideas and mash them together with the brainstorming tools
  • Researchers - use keywords and bookmarks to ensure that all your research is tagged properly for future retrieval
  • Gamers - put maps into Keeper with hotspot buttons on them -- these buttons can link to pages in Keeper or other files
  • Software developers - keep code snippets in Keeper & organize your software projects
  • Students - a specialized page exists for historical figures

Keeper is shareware, free to use for 30 days. Registration allows you to add more than 25 pages to Keeper's notebook.

Additional Resources

  • Registration
  • Types of Pages
  • Worldbuilding
  • Brainstorming
  • The Index